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Painted Space

Gameplay Prototype
- Fighter Jet -



Solo Project

Unreal Engine 5

September 2022 - Present

Painted Space

This Fighter Jet prototype is based around an F-18 fighter jet, and the movement and controls were inspired by Battlefield 4’s F-35 Stealth Jet player controller.

My Goal:

Try and capture the feel of piloting a fighter jet, and to see how challenging it is to attempt to implement Battlefield-esque mechanics into Unreal Engine 5.

The video below shows the outcome of my first 8 hours of work on this prototype. For this iteration I was focused on achieving the feeling of flying around in a fighter jet. The base movement was pretty simple to implement, but the challenges came with handling the effect of gravity, and taking off or landing.

This video below shows the outcome of my next 8 hours of work on this prototype. This iteration was about the camera and controls of the fighter jet. I added controller and flight stick support and made the roll-locking of the camera into a toggleable option, while still tweaking the jet movement to feel better.

For this next iteration, I worked about 4 hours on the first person HUD, getting a pitch indicator that scrolls with the player rotation and stays level. I also put the prototype into a decent-looking level so that it felt a little bit closer to how it would look in a real game, and less like a prototype.

I plan to post more updates here as I make them. I have included below, the document I put this work in to act as a work sample. The document includes blueprint snippets, if you would like to see my implementation.

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