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Painted Space

Planet Trading Simulator



Solo Project

Unreal Engine 4

March 2022 - Present

Painted Space

Planet Trading Simulator is a personal project inspired by the game Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator. I sought to create a low complexity economy game where the player fulfills requests of characters wishing to purchase planets with the intent of maximizing their monetary gain. 

The reason behind the space theme is mostly that I had the assets for it, and it seemed like the lowest scope in terms of environment work, which I didn't want to focus on. It also gave me a convenience of using procedural generation in a simple way, as I didn't want to have to curate every planet that the player can encounter, and the game also benefits from the variance on any potential secondary playthroughs.

My Goal:

Create a fun economy-focused game where the player focuses on maximizing profit by buying low and selling high.

Current Objective

What I am currently working on is the functionality for buying and selling planets, UI for owned planets, market behavior, and win/lose conditions. In my four days of development (as of 03/10/2022) I have implemented planet spawning, planet stats, character requests, planet viewing, and more.

I have included some screenshots below!

As of early June 2022, I have paused development on this personal project in order to focus on landing my first games industry gig.

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