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Screenshot from Resistance on VEGA Station, a 3D game I made in Unreal Engine

Resistance on VEGA Station

Solo Project
Spring 2021


I created fairly standard FPS character movement, running, jumping, wall-running. Then I implementing shooting paintballs, a graffiti mechanic, and a rail-grinding mechanic, all within the first week of working on the prototype.


The course I made this project for was more focused on delivering narrative than on gameplay, which definitely came back to bite me as I had not only chosen a type of game that doesn't lend itself well to delivering strong narratives (first-person-shooter), but I also spent more time focusing on trying to make engaging gameplay than on making a good and coherent story.


The main lesson I learned from this class is that I should put more focus into narrative even as I prototype, that way the games that I create don't end up with a rough, loosely-cobbled-together story.

I plan to post a full game Playthrough here

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